Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 Year Old Birthday Celebrations (Part 1)

Nicole's turning 3 this year! And since May 1 (after attending one of her friend's party), she's been hyped up about it, declaring that the following, in no particular order:

"My birthday is June 19"

"I'm going to have a party, right?"

"Is tomorrow my birthday?"

So you can imagine the entire household is in a birthday mode due to her constant reminders!

Well, she had her FIRST birthday celebration last Saturday. It was a combined party for all the June 2005 birthday toddlers. She became friends with them through one of the forums that mummy was participating in.

Check out the Piñata! The kids loved it!!

pinata hi

And of course there was the Happy Birthday segment, which most of the kids didn't understand. Why?

1. There were so many birthday kids. Not just one!

2. There was not ONE large birthday cake. Rather, many little cupcakes!

3. There were no candles to blow, cos it would be way too dangerous with so many toddlers around.

Their confusion didn't last long, as they began to enjoy the really sweet and deliciously decorated cupcakes!


But at the end, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a great time of fun, fellowship, play and food!

For our family, we brought Nathan along. And he was very happy waddling along, climbing, running and of course eating!


Well, after the party, we had to convince our little birthday girl, this is just part one, there'll be more birthday celebrations coming up. And of course, the familiar refrain started:

"My birthday is June 19"

"I'm going to have a party, right?"

"Is tomorrow my birthday?"


cube said...

She's a cutie.

beaglesg said...

I can assure you that toddler at this age is very determine! She will continue with her constant reminder till the day comes. I really like the personalise cup cakes. Where can we order that? or is it homebake?

ED said...


yup, persistency is their key!
the cupcakes are from
looks nice, but honestly, they are very sweet.

Jeremy (Discovering Dad) said...

Those cupcakes make me want to throw a party too!

p!nkroma said...

cool! your daughter seems so excited to be celebrating her birthday. my niece will celebrate her first birthday on aug 3 and it's her mommy who's so excited in preparing for her party.

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