Friday, June 13, 2008

Camp Phenomena - Aftermath

We had a great camp!

I want to thank all the leaders and helpers who made this camp a success! Thank you for putting in hours to plan. Thank you for sacrificing your sleep and meals. Thank you for being so available. And a special thank you to those who are working-thank you for taking precious leave to help out.

Check out the video:

P.S - Do leave your comments by clicking on the comments link, as tag box comments disappear after a while. That way, we can remember all the moments :)


Trust said...

Everything that happened in Camp Phenomena would never be forgotten! Its superb, fun, delightful and powerful!

Can't wait for the next camp!

Lian said...

This year camp video is awesome! Every video and photos were well taken.
Shing thanks for sacrificing ur sleep for the video. (though u still have time to do ur make-up..haha)
Kelvin & Jing thanks for the good takes.

torance said...

Phenomena camp is POWER!

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