Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3 Year Old Birthday Celebrations (Part 2)

Today, Nicole had a surprise when she got home from school. There was a surprise party put together by Popo, Gong-Gong and Ee-Ee!


Check out the lovely cake that Ee-Ee bought! It's a classic Ben & Jerry's ice-cream cake! Nicole was so excited, that she suddenly turned a little shy when the cake was presented to her.

Bday Cake

After singing the traditional birthday song and cutting the cake, it was presents time! Ohh! I must add this was the most exciting time for her, and the happiest moment!


As she opened each present, we got the person giving the gift to sit beside her and present her the gift. We figured this would help her associate who gave what, as we were sure the gift would get her all carried away and in turn forget her thank-yous. So with each gift, she has to hug the giver, say thank you, and then open the gift together with the giver. It was really exciting as all of us gave oohs and aahs at appropriate intervals. Check out the presents!

Thank you for the lovely gifts!

1. Barbie doll & one trendy set of clothes for Barbie (from Popo)

2. Barbie track shoes (from Gong-Gong)

3. Disney Princess Storybook Pillow (her favourite! From Ee-Ee & Ee-Jiong)

4. Leap Frog Phonics Learner (mummy's favourite! From Ee-Ee & Ee-Jiong)

5. Dora Pack & Go set (from daddy & mummy)

presents galore


We really want to thank Gong-Gong, Popo and Ee-Ee for making today's celebration such a memorable one for her. She was really very happy!

Oh yes, just to show you how yummy the cake was...

Yummy cake

So there ends Part 2 of Nicole's Birthday Celebrations. (Read about Part 1 here) It looks like it's going to get better and better. And hopefully, she's happier and happier!


shachew said...

Wahhhhhhhhh.....I also want Ben & Jerry's cake!!!

Cloudsters said...

Many happy belated returns to your daughter! And I see there's absolutely no getting away from Dora the Explorer in the childverse these days!

~~~ ><>Alan&Sally<>< ~~~ said...

Have a Happy Happy Birthday Nicole! Big girl now! :) Ooh, and blessed birthday to Daddy Edmund too!
alan, sal, meg and joe. :)

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