Friday, June 20, 2008

3 Year Old Birthday Celebrations (Part 3)

Today is D-day... it's Nicole's 3rd birthday! (And Daddy's too!)

We had another celebration for her in school. Yes, this is the third time (read about the first and second time)!!

This was a last minute one, as our initial plans were to do away with any party in school. One main reason was the school does only child minding now, with no lessons taught, since it's the June Holidays. As such, many of the kids don't come.

But her teacher asked about it, and she kinda looked disappointed when we told her we won't be celebrating in school. So we decided to do a mini one. Just bring in the cake and sing the song. BUT, during the preparations, we realised the kids are expecting a goodie bag. And we do have to provide some form of snack or food. In the end, we bought a cake, got some sandwiches and sweet pastries AND goodie bags for each child. So there goes the budget too!

princess party

Well, it was worth it! Nicole loved it, and so did her classmates! It was a good turn out. I think for Nicole, it's an element of showing off to her friends that she's a princess!

goodie    Yummy

So now that's 3 parties down, and just one final party on Sunday to make the princess really very happy!


Jenaisle said...

These pictures are cute. Cool site too. You're lucky to have kids like these.

belated happy birthday.

Thanks for sharing.

beaglesg said...

Is the cake made from "agar agar"?
It look so beautiful. mmmhh... can't imagine eating 3 cakes within a few days. So i guess Agar agar is a wise choice. can i have the contact for it :)

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