Monday, June 30, 2008

National Museum of Singapore - Mozart: A Child Prodigy

This is a long overdue post about one of the latest exhibitions at the National Museum of Singapore.


Currently, there is an award winning exhibition at the Singapore Museum which encourages children to live out the times of young Mozart.

It was certainly a very innovative exhibition and we brought the children to visit the exhibits.

The good thing is that for senior citizens and children under 6, admission is free!

Daddy and Mummy had to pay $16 each for admission (It was not surprising that we found many unaccompanied children in the museum- I think their 'kiasu' Singaporean Parents probably left them there the whole day to save money and to have free babysitting!)

Anyway, the kids loved the big open spaces where they could run, and we had fun dressing up the kids.

Nicole had fun dressing up in the costumes, she even had a nice fake mole to add to her wardrobe.



Fun mozart


The kids had a fun day, exploring the exhibits and just basically fooling around. Would really recommend the trip to the museum. The whole exhibition will end on July 6, so there is still some time to catch it!

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eastcoastlife said...

Wah! I need to go tomorrow before it ends!! Looks so fun! Your kids are so adorable in the costumes.

Happy weekend!

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