Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nokia E71

My wife just bought a new HP - the latest Nokia E71


She signed on for a 2 year contract with Singtel and she got it for a special price of $248.

What makes the deal even sweeter is that she managed to trade in her 'ultra lousy' E65 for $200, and we paid the rest via $40 Singtel vouchers and $8 up-front cash. PTL!

She has been resisting to purchase the phone, as there have not been much reviews about it yet (Singtel just released it last week), But she finally took the plunge after much persuasion.

I like the slim and sleek look of the model - just check out how slim it is compared to my Nokia N95 (8GB).

Mine is really chunky compared to it!


But today she gave me her 1st complaint about the model.

She says "I have to really sit down and think before I SMS. I can't use just one hand when I want to SMS anymore, but now I need to use 2 hands due to the QWERTY Keyboard and the really tiny buttons -you got to have the fingers of an aneroxic model to use them effectively. (Check out my fat fingers next to the buttons)


But it was either the Nokia E71 or a blackberry - so I told her, you would probably have the same problem with another model.

Currently, I am trying to get her to explore the new phone and all its features. She has not even changed the ringtone yet. It is still the classic default Nokia ringtone albeit a jazzed up version .

She says I am a techno geek, but I beg to differ -  Hey! I hardly go to the Hardware Zone Website, and I have not been to a PC fair for the last 5 years. I think they need to review my status in the techno geek club!

If u are thinking about getting the phone - It is still a safe bet at the moment!  It has not dropped any calls, nor reset by itself yet (NB-these are common faults that I have found with Nokia Phones)


beaglesg said... old nokia (N70)phone use to hang! This model looks really Petite. The number key seems too small for our thumb.

I'm now waiting for my Samsung Omnia, singtel has run out of stock for the mean time.

Mockingbird said...

Yaloh. I also have same problem with my Nokia phones. They reboot by themselves when i'm deleting files or sending SMSes :p

ED said...


Yes...My wife's old Nokia used to take ages to send an SMS as well. U can go toilet and come back and it will still be sending the SMS

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