Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogging - When Videos need to be rotated

With everyone carrying a camera phone coupled with video capabilities, it is not uncommon for one to take out the phone when something exciting happens!

A problem arises when the video is taken with the wrong orientation.

The Nokia default Video program has a rotate button for images, but no such rotation button for videos.

It is a real problem as some of my videos have been posted the wrong way up. Click here

After some research on the Internet, I finally found a FREE program that can solve all my problems.

The problem is aptly called "Video Flip and Rotate" which can be found at

With a simple interface, it is easy to use even for tech dummies


...and best of all...IT'S FREE!

Check out the video, after it has been converted! No more watching videos sideways on your screen!

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shachew said...

she's the cutest teacher I know...!

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