Monday, July 28, 2008

DHL Balloon - An Ariel view of Singapore

Last Monday, the whole family went for the DHL Balloon ride.


Located at the empty ground near Bugis, it was an adventure that Nicole had been asking about, for a very long time.

In fact, every time we passed by the Bugis area, she will always cry out, "Daddy, I can see the balloon!"

Her dreams and desires finally came to past! :)

We had to wait for about an hour before we got on the 740pm flight. Nicole was clutching on to her boarding pass, and could not wait to get onto the balloon.

(NB - The attraction is very crowded, as the balloon cannot fly everyday, due to weather and wind conditions. We had to call ahead, before we went, and we had to cancel some early excursions due to the weather)

Anyway, having an endless flow of energy (parents of 2 & 3 year olds would agree with me), we had to entertain them. Check out their photos!


Soon, it was time for our flight!

The balloon is actually attached to a cable, so the max. height and the duration of the trip is also fixed.  The balloon also does not move away from it landing zone, but it just goes straight up, hover, and then comes down again.

Here is a collage of the night view. Weng and Nadine went up as well!


I will recommend going for the balloon ride at night, as the views of Singapore in the day are not that picturesque (It's not like the view from the Eiffel Tower!) The ride is also not that long, where you can't really catch a full sunset! We were probably up in the air for a maximum of 10 minutes.

At $23/ride for the adults & $13/ride for kids 3-12 (Thank God, we managed to get a discount thru a CG member), it was quite an expensive adventure for the whole family, but something we had to do, as the ride is closing soon!

It will close by September 2008, so bring your kids there today! (Hey! they should pay me for this free advertisement!)  


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Clara said...

woa! so gd! i almost had the opportunity but bad weather so it was cancelled. =.=

the view must have been superb then! :D

ED said...

ED - Clara

Yes...The nite view was quite nice. Unfortunately, the ride is quite fast!

p!nkroma said...

this ride is closing down? aww... too bad. we were not able to do this when we were in Singapore for a visit.

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