Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bath Time!!!

Bath time!  - This was one of my favorite activities when I was growing up.

bath 2

For Nic & Nathan, it is of no exception.

Nic says, "It is my favorite, you know!"

One of the things I enjoy doing with my kids - is putting them into their little bath tub, and watching them play with water. 

And when do they come out?

Only after their hands and legs are all wrinkled up!!!

Check out the latest photos of the kids, after their latest adventure:


The 2 of them are just so cute!!! And Little Nathan is becoming more and more cheeky everyday!

Before I go, here's a video that I watched recently...Very Impactful!!!

(P.S - sorry about the low resolution & Ad on this video, as the rest of the same videos on YOUTUBE did not allow it to be embedded)

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