Monday, October 20, 2008

Blogger's Choice Awards - 2008 Winner


The Winners for the Blogger's Choice Awards 2008 are out!!!

The Good news is this:

ED UNLOADED maintained a lead of over 30 votes, over all its competitors in the "Hottest Daddy" Category from Jan to Sep 2008.

Besides having this healthy lead over its nearest rivals, ED UNLOAEDED has also managed to get a Bloggy Award Review.

However, as the competition drew to a close, the voting for the top 3 was kept in secrecy, with the votes of the top 3 sites hidden from the public eye.

The results came out just this week:

ED UNLOADED came in 2nd for the Blogger's Choice Awards.

Another Website managed to wipe out our lead in 2 weeks :(

hotdaddy 2

You can see the breakdown of the results here

Oh well...there is always next year (You can actually vote for this site for 2009 now)

But Many Thanks to all my Readers and Supporters out there, who have been reading this site, and following the Adventures of my 3 little Angels.

I really enjoyed writing about them, and I hope that you enjoyed reading about their little escapades as well.

Thanks for all your support & keep on voting!!!

1 Comment:

shachew said...

Will vote for you for the 2009 Awards. :)

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