Thursday, October 9, 2008

Britain's Got Talent - Michael Jackson

The Asia Conference Talent show entitled "Showtime", had its 1st auditions today! It was interesting as I watched the different acts go in, and as I got home, I searched for talent acts on the net as well.

Not surprising, these talent shows on Youtube are really entertaining!!!

A few weeks ago, I introduced to you a few videos from America's got Talent. Today, I found the latest videos from Britain's got talent.

And these guys are really entertaining!!!

Check out the Michael Jackson Video below:

Funny hor...:)

Below is another video. This one is of a different genre. More touching...

The Brits are really funny. The MCs (Ant & Dec) are really spontaneous and of course with Simon Cowell & Piers Morgan - the show is really packed with personality!!!

If you can't catch it on the telly, check it out on Youtube.


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