Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Singapore Online Classifieds


When I was younger, I used to find these big yellow books under my phone:


The yellow pages has been part of the Singapore home in many ways - from pages to wrap "Otah", to books that take up space in the bomb shelter.

But guys, get ready for the latest IT revolution....Get rid of those bulky yellow books and let your fingers do the walking on the Singapore Online Classifieds

st701 home

No longer do you need to get your fingers dirty (by flicking through those yellow pages), but now you can get instant information at the click of a button.

From jobs, property, cars and services, the Singapore classifieds has everything that you can ask for.

One thing good about the classifieds, is that it even has information about retail shops on Parenting and toys.


This is truly the online substitute that you will need to bookmark!

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Amber said...

There is this new search call red nano that works like street directory. This is a search targeted specially for singaporeans. You can either use its website or sms. For e.g. if you need to know where starhub is located, all you have to do is to type starhub and sms-send to 33333. They will provide options for you to choose and will provide you with their addresses by sms. Hopefully this helps especially if you are outside and have no internet connection!

Joycie said...

Yea.. I heard about this too. I tried it a few times actually. but cos it's new, so not that widely used YET. haha.

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