Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Movie Review - The Bucket List

Life as a parent means that:

After putting out kids to sleep, we sneak off to the pictures to spend some time together, while our maid looks after them in their sleep.

On Monday, we managed to catch this new movie called "The Bucket List".


Having a cast of 2 Oscar winners in Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman, we were drawn to the "Big Star Billing", even though we did not know what to expect.

Basically, it's a movie about 2 old 'fogies' who discover that they both have less than a year to live.

Freeman decides to write a list of things he would like to do before he 'kicks the bucket', therefore the movie is entitled 'The Bucket list'

Nicholson being a millionaire jumps on the idea and makes the fulfillment of this list possible.

For all those kung fu enthusiasts out there - If you are looking for action, car crashes and dead aliens, this movie is not it!

But if you are looking for a tear-jerker and wanting to cry your eyes out - this movie is an Excellent Choice. My wife says that the last time she cried so badly, was when she was watching "Dead Poets Society".

The movie examines the basic issue, "If you could number your days, what would you do?"

Having a good balance of comedy and poignant conversations, the movie makes good food for thought.

I especially liked the insight given about Egyptian Culture.

According to the movie, when an Egyptian dies, and goes up to heaven. He is asked 2 questions.

How one answers the questions, determines whether one goes to heaven or hell (kind of like a game show, hor!)

The questions are:

  1. Did you experience joy on this earth?
  2. Did you bring joy to somebody on this earth?

Well, I believe that I can definitely say YES to question 1. And Hopefully I am fulfilling question 2 effectively at the moment. :)

Anyway, go catch the movie, if you have the time!


bill said...

Our boys usually keep us away from the movies until they're about to rotate off HBO. In fact, I think they derive great joy doing this, so they've got #1 covered.

~your next-door neighbor on

la bellina mammina said...

I watched The Bucket List on a Tuesday afternoon!! I really liked it and the part of the Egyptian culture about death. Makes me wonder on question number 2!

ED said...

Ed to la bellina mammina

Yes...I was wondering as well! It's really quite shocking when it's thrown at u like that..really makes u think!

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