Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nadine in pictures

Room Door

Here are some pictures that I did up to tell the story:

delivery collage 1 When she was first wheeled in, the anathestician was not there yet. So they administered to her gas (we always felt that this gas thing doesn't really help - my wife says it is just some psychological trick, as its still very painful)

When jiahui was sleeping, the nurses started to prepare for the doctor to come.

Check out 1 of the essentials for the doctor:

1 pair of Phua Chu Kang boots or English Wellies!

It's not bright yellow, but I don't think think you can find anyone else wearing a pair of these lovely boots, except in the delivery room! 

And of course, here are some pictures of our lovely daughter:







p!nkroma said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new baby!

beaglesg said...

Children are gifts from God.
Indeed you are so blessed to have them :)

bill (notjill) said...

I'm always crying in heap on the floor by the end of my wife's labors.

Beautiful baby. Great shots.

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