Friday, April 4, 2008

Home to Philippines

Today, Weng my domestic helper went back to the Philippines for 10 days.


For those of us who are foreign to the term domestic helper - Most  Singaporean families hire a maid  help at home. This is because in Singapore, labor is relatively cheap (S$400/month), and the with the government strongly encouraging 2 bread winners, someone has got to help with the kids.

As you can probably deduce - Being a stay at home mum or dad, is not a very common entity in this part of Asia.  

Meanwhile, according to my my widgets calculation (the one which tells Nadine's arrival - on the left of your screen) My new girl will be arriving in 22 days.

Some people have questioned my sanity, on allowing Weng (my domestic helper)  to go back, especially when the baby is due soon. Furthermore, there are also additional costs involved in sending one's helper back. We have to subsidize her exit visa of $280 and a proportion of her airfare as well. But I believe that with the added responsibility coming up, she needs a break!

Besides, a Happy worker will be a Great worker!

Yesterday morning, the whole family woke up early to send her to the airport. Kids were OK with her leaving but Nic (the oldest) says," Auntie Weng, You must come back soon!"

With that, Weng left us for the Philippines. No fanfare, No screaming children...But Nic was kinda down when she reached school. But otherwise, the kids are coping well.

Today is our 1st day of being 'maid-less'!

We have not flown solo for quite a while, and we are still getting used to the routine again.

But we are believing we can cope, and praying that the new baby will only arrive after Weng comes back.

Do pray for us during this time, as both of them are really quite a handful at times.

Before I go, here is another funny commercial. For my Asian Viewers, Bud light is an American Beer (Kind of like our Tiger!)


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I'm sure that is sad for the girls. They can get attached to a person and the routine.
BTW, that commercial is very funny!

mj aka sugarmama said...

bloghopping in BlogExplosion and found yours.

Wow...I wish it was that affordable to get help here in America. I have a housekeeper that comes 2x a week and she charges $50 an hour. And that's the norm in my neck of the woods.

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