Monday, April 21, 2008

Nursery & babies

Nadine has been adjusting well and mummy has been successfully breastfeeding the new baby.

nadine 1 week old

Nicole has also been very loving towards Nadine, but particularly so when Nadine bought Nicole a princess wallet & a princess umbrella (This is a rite of passage we practice, where the new addition to the family will buy a present for his/her siblings.


Nic loves the umbrella and she even plays with it inside the house - but she is still adjusting to the new addition.

The other day at the hospital, she looked adoringly at Nadine. After that, we put her back into her cubicle.

The next moment, she saw our neighbor (couple in the next bed) pushing out his baby.

Nic immediately commented, "Where is he taking Nadine?"


Then she went to the hallway, and she began to ask mummy,

"Why are there so many Nadines?" (she is just so funny!)


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