Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Adventure as a New Parent

IMG_1041This is me...typing in the entries at 2.46 am, as Jiahui needed to be kept in the labor ward.

I was here in the Hospital until 5am, slept for 2hours and then sent Nicole to school.

Now, I am back here at the hospital, looking after my lovely wife.

Thanks for all the well wishes this morning, JL was the 1st to wish me at 4am in the morning. I was like - "U don't sleep one ah?"

...Anyway, It was a pleasant surprise to hear from her. (At least, now I know who to call at 4am, when I need help :)

Something noteworthy that happened today:

When Nic woke up this morning, she asked me, "Where is mummy?"

I said she is at the hospital. Then I told her that Nadine is born!

To my surprise, She lifted up her hands, And She let out a triumphant "YAAH!" I was pleasantly pleased and elated at such enthusiasm so early in the morning. :)

Mummy looks tired as I am typing this entry. It looks like our little endurance of coming in after 12 midnight is paying off...as she gets extra time in the hospital.

Only thing is that, the bed next to us is occupied, and they are leaving only tomorrow (Should have prayed for an empty bed, next to ours! A bit too late now)

Anyway, Here are more pictures:

Nadine birth collage

Here are also some videos that I loaded up to Youtube while I was asleep this morning. I will let them speak for themselves.

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~~~ ><>Alan&Sally<>< ~~~ said...

We are so happy for you and JH! Congrats the third time around! :) Can't quite tell who Nadine looks like just yet. Hope JH is recovering well too. Reading about the epidural brings back memories... Take care!!

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