Monday, April 14, 2008

Mummy posts ... Nostalgia II (Nathan)

It's 2.45 a.m, April 13, 2008.

Well, I thought I better prepare Part II, just in case I pop tomorrow! After penning how I felt about being a mummy to Nicole in my previous post, I knew writing about Nathan would be something quite different.

Preparations for Nathan's birth was a very non-affair event for us. We thought we knew everything. It was more than the "been there, done that, taken the photo, bought the shirt" feeling. It was the "tried it, tasted it, touched it, nothing to worry" feeling. (And the "it" I'm referring to is NOT the baby... parents would know, with all babies, the package includes pee, poo & puke!)

So with Nathan, my mummy instincts arose very quickly and naturally, since they were already all in motion. But what no one told me or prepared me for, how different things would be.

#1 Baby boys and baby girls are VERY different.

#2 With Nathan, I'm physically 2 years older than when I had Nicole. Ohh.. the tired back, the lost stamina ...

#3 Nathan is a combination of Ed's & my personality and character. So was Nicole, but that doesn't mean the qualities of the combination are similar!

Simply put, it was like being a mummy from Day 1 all over. Sure, the head knowledge of the what to dos & how to dos, gave me an advantage. But other than that, Nathan is really just as unbelievably precious as Nicole was!

Lesson learnt. Fast forward. Nathan's now one. I'm so amazed by God's design and creativity. 2 Kids, such difference, yet such similarities too! I'm thankful I DO NOT have to apply cut and paste parenting formulas.

That may be easier, but oh... what joy I get when I learn how to get him to smile, what makes him excited, and especially especially how much he longs for my smile, me to hold his hand, and give him his bear hug! It is worth the learning experience!

So here's Nathan, from Day 1 till now:

Nathan birth

I learnt from this gorgeous son of mine, that God is really no robot-making God! I thought I knew that, but I really only knew when Nathan came along!

Before I go, here's a video of my little boy, just minutes after his birth :)


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