Sunday, April 27, 2008

Babies put anything in their mouths

14 month old Nathan has really been growing from strength to strength. He is no longer like a marshmallow man! After having 2 girls & 1 boy, you can really see the difference, as boys have endless energy - literally moving from activity to activity.

The other day, I decided to give them a 'treat' and bathe them in a small little bathe tub together. (Parenting tip - your kids will love the experience, as they bathe & splash water together)

After soaping them down, I decided to brush Nathan's teeth.

I put on this blue little finger brush, plastered on the children's colgate, and stuck my fat fingers into his mouth.

I was greeted by an instant "CHOMP!" as little Nathan thought it was a little hotdog! What's more, it hurt as well!

My little boy really gave it all he got, as he found my fingers in his mouth!

In fact, this has been the life of Nathan at the moment. He is the official food and appliances taster in the family. He puts mobiles, computer mouses, & anything he can find into his mouth.

You better hold on to your belongings, the next time you hang out with him :)



Jeremy (Discovering Dad) said...

Man, I feel ya. We have teeth marks on everything, and now that our son is almost 2-years-old. He's moved to BANGING and denting everything. Fun!

Laane said...

Oh yes, I know that!
I'm keeping a safe distance from the screen. LOL!

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