Friday, April 25, 2008

Asking Smart Questions

Nicole has been learning a lot from school...

The other day, as we were window shopping at the Suntec City Mall, we walked past Anderson's of Denmark Ice Cream Parlor.  Immediately, she stretched out her hand and pointed to the parlor, and exclaimed,

 "Daddy, What's that?!?"


I immediately turned away, and pretended that I did not hear her. Hey! I was not going to fall into a trap of talking about ice-cream and feed my daughter's appetite for sweets!

The ploy seemed to work, as she did not repeat her question, and I was successful in diverting her attention to another store.

About 50m down the mall, I decided to ask my daughter, "do you know what was that store selling?"

She replied,


...It was ICE CREAM!!!"

A sudden realization came over me....

My daughter was trying to outsmart me....It was a rhetorical question. She knew the answer all along...

1 Comment:

Clara said...

nicole's really cute.. kids nowadays are really smarter. :P And she's not even in primary sch yet! :)

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