Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 2 - Hospital Visitation

Nadine in capsule

Many thanks to the people who came down to the hospital to see us the last few days.

It has been great seeing everybody and very encouraging to receive all the well wishes through your SMSes, and though the blog (with the Tag Box and the Comments Page)

Here are some happy pictures of the whole day:

Nadine visiters collageWe are preparing for Nadine's arrival home tomorrow and the confinement lady should be coming in as well. Praying that Nadine will settle down as quickly as possible.

Some helpful tips for parents:

1. Try to stay for at least 2 nights in the hospital. Mummy needs all the rest possible! When the Baby comes home, baby cries as she needs to adjust.

2. We always play music in the hospital when baby is around, and we will play the same music at home. Creating an identical environment, will help the baby adjust, when she goes home.

3. Engage an external confinement lady. When you pay somebody, you can demand for more. Relatives have their little quirks which may make things a bit difficult, especially when it comes to parenting issues!

4. Pack your overnight bags early. I went to the hospital with my DSLR camera. Wanted to take some pictures, but my battery was left at home. I charged it too last minute! Thankfully, I still have my small little digital camera with me. Thank God for backups! 

Before I go, here's another video:

Its about Nadine's 1st walk to the Hospital Nursery. This was taken as she was wheeled out of the labor ward!


Beth said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! I've been reading your blog for a while now (I found the link to it on the bloggers choice award site). I'm glad to hear we're not alone :P

Congrats on the new baby - she's a cutie!

Amanda Val Ng said...

Woh, :) another adventure

Be Bless,
Amanda Val

ER said...

Thanks for the comment bro ed! CONGRATULATIONS! Hope we get to see Nadine soon! :) -Esther. E462

NukeDad said...

Congrats, Ed! She's beautiful!

Nukie Howser
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