Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dirty Dancing on Oprah Winfrey

Recently on the Oprah Winfrey Show, she did a tribute to YOUTUBE. Amazingly, the most viewed clip was one of a wedding couple, who danced on their wedding day.

The wife, being a fan of 'Dirty Dancing' ( A 1987 romance film)persuaded her husband to do the "Time of my Life" dance from the movie, at her wedding party.


For all my readers who are born after 1987, this film was a real hit among teenagers then. My wife had to smuggle the video tape version of the show into her room, as the title was too suggestive for her parents. Imagine telling your mum: "Mum, I am going out my boyfriend, and we are watching this movie called 'Dirty Dancing'!!!

Anyway, the wedding couple who posted their dance sequence on YOUTUBE, wanted to entertain their guests. They posted it on the web to show some friends and it just took off! Receiving more than 2 million hits, they became famous overnight! They appeared on local talkshows and became instant celebrities.

So, for all you wedding couples out there. This is for you!

P.S - Jared & Jerblinn, Edmund & Minghui, Joseph & Emily - Can we expect something like this at your wedding? :) 

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Honeybell said...

That was great-I'd not seen or heard of that one!


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