Monday, August 10, 2009

My Mountain of Milk Powder

milk powder

Just Recently, we made use of the Mamil Gold 1-for-1 offer!

A normal step 3 can (900gm) of milk will cost about $24 at NTUC.

But with the offer, I was only paying $12/can for each empty milk can that I bring in.

Considering that the children are real guzzlers, we were confident they would finish the milk FAST.

As a result, we spent the morning emptying our milk powder into empty Tupperware containers – and we were rewarded with this mountain of brand new milk cans.

Are you a parent who stocks up like myself?

Frankly, I have a mountain of diapers at home as well…I always buy a truckload when there are good promotions! smile_nerd

1 Comment:

San said...

Wah...... What a mountain!

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