Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting a maid (Part 1)

One of the perks about staying in Asia, is that most families in Singapore have a domestic helper.

Due to the cheaper wages in Asia, we have the luxury of hiring a maid to assist in our housework, look after the sick and elderly, and of course the children as well.

As the domestic helper will be staying with the family, the selection of a good maid is absolutely essential. For our family, we need a helper who is honest, trustworthy and loves children.

Our current domestic helper—Weng would be leaving soon for Canada to work. She finally received her visa after waiting for over a year!

This is great news for her, as it means a better life for Weng! She would get a $2000 monthly salary, a 9 to 5 and five-day workweek. This is definitely a better life compared to working in Singapore!


This is definitely a Stressful Period for us!

In fact, the Singapore forums and press is always filled with horror stories about irresponsible maids and tyrannical employers – as a result, I think both parties feel the pressure in the selection process.

Both my wife and myself, have been praying very hard for a good maid. Only God knows what’s in store for us in the coming months… But we know that we are going to get better help!

This week, we went to the maid agency. We’ll keep you guys updated in the next post!


Klessis said...

You're kidding me! $2000 a month and 5-day week week (9 to 5 somemore!)??! That's better pay than many executives here in singapore!

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Ya...Good deal hor!

Tell u what...

U work for me n I apply visa for u also...


Klessis said...

If I work for you hor, you don't even need to apply visa for me! Save you the hassle leh!!!

The only thing is I can't cook or wash clothes or mop the floor. I only know how to play with your kids.. =P

beaglesg said...

Good and trustworthy maid are really hard to come by these days...esp when they are expected to do housework, cooks and look after the children.

Pray that God will bless your family with one that is even better than Weng!

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