Monday, August 3, 2009

Interesting Blog that I stumbled upon

One of the things that I enjoy about Blogging is that I get to record the milestones in my life, and also share my life with others.

The other perks about joining this community, is that I get to find out about the lives of other people and learn from them!

Recently, I stumbled onto this blog called Jew in the City. Through her writings, she hopes to change the public perception of Orthodox Jews and traditional Judaism.

As Christians, we share a common heritage with the Jews, and it is really interesting, to find out more things about their culture through a common layperson.

Some interesting topics covered are:

1. Is Kosher food (Special Dietary law) healthy or is it blessed by a Rabbi?

2. Do Orthodox Jews consider women dirty during their period?

Very Interesting Indeed. Her Videos are very well presented, and seasoned with a healthy dose of humor.

It is definitely enlightening when we in Asia, have very little contact with the Jewish Community.

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1 Comment:

Jerb said...

Yea, her videos are really interesting! I esp like the one on the Kosher food.

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