Saturday, August 29, 2009

Riders Cafe at Bukit Timah

Just recently, the children's cousin Shauna, celebrated her Birthday and the kids were invited to her party.

We were invited to the Bukit Timah Saddle Club for high tea and they were all excited about our little excursion.

We were also looking forward to it, as I have read many reviews about this place, and I was looking forward to see it for myself.

As I entered the club, I was attracted by signs such as this…


Frankly, where do u see road signs such as this, especially in Urban Singapore, where u get buildings after buildings!

High tea was at the Rider’s Cafe, and the cafe was situated right in the centre of the ranch.


Shauna was excited to see them…and Nadine was at her best behaviour, up and about beginning to walk very well, while Shauna was fellowshipping with everyone around her :)



The kids were of course very excited, as they saw the horses walking by.

This is the view from the windows next to our table…


Later on, we managed to walk around outside and we had a close-up encounter with the horses.


The kids were a little apprehensive about seeing the horses up close, but after a while…they enjoyed catching the animals upclose as well.

Parenting Advice:

Bring your kids out as much as possible. The exposure will do them wonders! If u have a car, this is a great place to explore with the kids, especially in land scarce Singapore. The food is priced at normal cafe prices.


Hann Hann said...

wow! lucky u.

we've been to Mimolette (the other restuarant at the club) once or twice but the horses didn't come out.

Klessis said...

The last photo is really nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree, the horse is so pretty! Whichever gender it is!

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