Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Day Performance at Preschool

Last week, as part of the National Day Celebrations, Nicole had a concert performance at her school.


Nicole was all “pumped up” for the performance, as it was already postponed for one week due to a suspected H1N1 outbreak among her classmates.

Here are some photos to capture her performance:


nicole running

The school also put up a mini carnival for the kids after the performance.

The kids loved the many booths set up and the free food as well :)




DSC_0168 Nathan and Nadine loved the party and the food as well! :)



A BIG thank you for all the teachers for making every carnival in school so FUN!

Before I go, here is a video of Nicole’s Performance. Btw, she loves watching videos of herself…It keeps her entertained, when Daddy has work to do!

Parents: A Video Cam and a Camera are GREAT INVESTMENTS!


betty said...

Thank you for your wonderful , insightful blog-Betty

Anonymous said...

Ha ...ha.... our dear girl is always so entertaining. She just loves acting and always stand in first. Isn't she S'pore colour from head to toe!

San said...

Hahah! So cute!

Jay loves to see himself on videos too... It is enough to keep him sane and calm on long car rides! :P

Lucas said...

Nicole did so well! especially when it came to the chan marthi chan hey hey part! hahaha. did the so confidently all the other children were looking to her for the Q. :)

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