Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get Paid for Twittering?

If u have been observing my Nuffnang advertisements on my right toolbar, you would have noticed this new website called ChurpChurp.


What this site promises to do, is to help you get paid as you Twitter!

As I am always looking for such benefits on the internet, so I immediately signed up for the service.

Well, I have not received any assignments from them yet, but if they can offer me an additional stream of income – I am all for it!

Btw, if you have not signed up for Nuffnang, do sign up for an account, as Nuffnang really pays – and for small time bloggers like ourselves, it works better than Google Adsense.

1 Comment:

torance, said...

edmund, thanks! i just sign up!

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