Saturday, August 22, 2009

Theology by a 4 year Old

Mummy blogs…


Recently, I was driving Nicole home and we were chatting in the car. The traffic was horrendous, so we had a nice long mother & daughter talk.

Mummy, can you tell me the story of Jesus?

Ok! (I was thinking hard, which part should I tell??)

Long ago, there were a group of shepherds who were looking after their sheep. Suddenly an angel appeared and told them that Jesus was going to be born. They must follow the STAR.

Meanwhile, there was a man called Joseph and his wife Mary walking around, looking for a hotel. Mary was pregnant with a big tummy. Remember mummy had a big tummy last time?

Well, Mary had to look for a place to stay because the baby was going to come out. They walked and walked and walked. And finally, one of the hotels told them they could stay in the barn.

Footnote here. I was driving. Had to focus on the bad traffic. And I totally forgot the word MANGER. I kept saying barn, and later said stable.

And then?

So that night, Jesus was born. The shepherds were there, and so were the horses and animals to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

And then?

Hmm… and Jesus grew up to be a very good boy. Every night, he prayed to God before he slept, and he prayed before he ate.

Mummy, I thought Jesus is God?

erm… yes. But like Nathan is Daddy’s son, Nicole is Daddy’s daughter, so Jesus is God’s son. You understand?

She nodded her head and changed the topic. 

How’s that for Theology for a 4 yr old?

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Jerb said...

I shall ask Nicole who is Jesus the next time I see her....!

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