Thursday, August 27, 2009

You can’t swim at Pasir Ris Beach in Singapore!

I read something really gross in the local newspapers yesterday…

clean pasir ris

But it seems that the waters at Pasir Ris beach are too dirty to swim in!

Levels of a bacteria found in human faeces present in the sea there still exceed World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, a year-long National Environment Agency study has found.

It said that though water quality has improved marginally, swimming and activies such as water-skiing are still discouraged along the 3.3-km stretch of beach from the Singapore People's Association's Pasir Ris Holiday Complex to the Civil Service Aloha resort.

Doesn’t that make you feel uncomfortable…considering that many of us, have been to Pasir Ris for a BBQ before…

Maybe u have dipped your feet into the waters there…

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Tuesday that an ageing sewage network was partly to blame for the poor water quality: Faeces is leaking into the waters off Pasir Ris beach from a 23-km network of pipes in the Tampines, Changi and Pasir Ris areas.

The discharge from 39 sewage treatment plants in areas such as Tampines and Changi is also to blame, it said.

Oh no….It seems like Singaporeans who stay in these areas have been contributing to the dirt on the beach :) Haha

On a lighter note, it is nice to know that dirty beaches are a thing of the past…

dirty pasir ris

Maybe one day…our beaches will like those found in Hawaii…


But in the meantime, we will still need to wait for NEA to keep on cleaning up our beaches.

U might also want to know that the other beaches in Singapore - Sentosa and Seletar Islands, Sembawang Park, Changi and East Coast beach - are suitable for swimming and other water sports.

Parenting Advice:

Looks like there one less beach for us families to bring our children to swim in. Thank God, East Coast Beach is still safe!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh we're having our Ninja Warrior there! Haha think we can only use toilet water =X

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