Wednesday, August 5, 2009

City Harvest Celebrates 20 years!


The 20th Anniversary Services for City Harvest Church was a real blast!

As anticipated, the queues started at 430am, and by the time the doors were opened at 8am, there was a long queue “snaking” around the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It was a time of celebration, as all of us gathered with our families to remember God’s goodness over our lives.

With my dad next to me, I also had to privilege to pray for his baptism in the Holy Spirit, as we prayed through the 1st Prayer Service. It was definitely a real honour!

Hearing testimonies from the founding members, it was really touching to see how God has prospered the pioneers of the church – where ITE graduates became CEOs and IT managers.

Lillian Cher’s testimony about how Pastor Kong cycled to her house to give her $20 when she was broke, was especially memorable!

It was of great significance, as Lillian was my 1st CGL, and a pleasure to watch how God has prospered her business and moved her into a Multi-Million Dollar house in the east.

The next 20 years promises to be one of greater adventure, and I thank God for bringing me here!

When I came back from Perth, Australia…I wanted to go back down under…but through CHC, I found a greater purpose!

This is the place where I found my calling, my family and my friends.

So apt, considering when National Day is just round the corner…

….This is home truly….Where I know I must be…Where my dreams wait for me!



sheza said...

You were in Perth for studies? Which year and which uni?

Ed or Edmund Tay said...


Curtin University

for 4 years!


U were in UWA?

My wife was there!

Klessis said...

How cool! That was a nice heartwarming picture! :)

Gwen said...

Yeah, I was very impacted by the 20th anniversary celebration too!! :) I enjoy reading your posts, bro Ed.

Marc said...

The Tribute Video:

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