Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting a Maid (Part 2)

The road to the maid agency was one that was filled with anxiety and prayer.

Some people ask if the agency you go to really makes a difference?

I think they are all the same, as no agency can guarantee a person’s character.

No agency can also guarantee Class A candidates, as it functions like any other job agency – No one can control who walks through the door!

Coming back to our situation: We went to an agency in Bukit Timah, as my Mum knew the boss! This is definitely a good advantage to have in these trying circumstances!

Armed with arrival information about fresh candidates, we went to the agency as soon as the boss came back from Philippines (We only look at Bio-Data as this point of time, as the candidates are not in Singapore yet).

We told ourselves that we wanted to get the first look at the new maids that were coming in.

Going through the pictures, we were looking for a girl that BOTH of us could agree on.

The first person that got our unanimous decision was this 28 yo old called Ranaliz.


She looked bright and cheery and after getting her resume, we headed over to the viewing station...

It was here that we got to watch a recording of her interview process in the Philippines. With the wonders of modern technology, we were going to see her in action, and get a better understanding of our potential helper.

We played the Video...After a few minutes….IT was settled!

We decided that she was going to be the ONE!

Ranaliz has got 3 children as well, and she works for a Scottish Boss back in the Philippines. She speaks excellent English and has an excellent disposition.

After choosing her, we had to select 2 other back-up candidates as well, just in case there were any “hiccups". We did this selection without our full focus...as we were wondering...

What could possibly go WRONG!

Unfortunately, something did go WRONG! – we received NEWS the next day that Ranaliz had contracted Hepatitis B, and therefore ineligible to come to Singapore.

Disappointment filled our hearts….

We had to take our PLAN B!

Well, the next candidate is this girl called Jingle…& I was pretty unsure about her.

In fact, we both had to go back to the agency to watch Jingle's video again...

We looked through all the candidates... and finally…we decided on Jingle!

We don't know what lies ahead for us but we are anticipating her arrival in a month’s time!

She may not be our PLAN A, but we are believing and hoping that Plan B turns our much better than our Plan A.

SOLIVTURE AMBULANDO (Refer to previous post to find out what this means!)


Joseph said...

Jingle? What a cool name! Just in time for Xmas :)

San said...

All the best! My fingers (& toes) are crossed for u guys!

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