Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kid’s Praise

One of the 1st seeds planted into my life was sown by a Blue Bible called Psalty!

kids praise

When I was in Upper Primary, my brother brought home one of these records and started playing it on the stereo.

I was intrigued!

The “catchy” storylines and light warm hearted music really drew me towards the gospel, and this “brush” with the gospel made a lasting impression in my life.

As a father, I have brought the same series home for the children, and they love the music as well!

Although they don’t make any new additions to the Kids Praise series - you can still buy the CDs off Amazon, and I am pretty sure that you will love the “catchy” tunes too!

Currently, the kids are listening to the City Harvest church album and they seem to be thoroughly enjoying the songs.

Check out the kids Praising and Worshipping God in these short Videos:

The kids were a real riot, as they lifted their hands and kicked their legs when they worshipped God! :)


Klessis said...

yeh it's amazing! Joey loved the Heaven CD and now she loves the new Writings On The Wall, & can sing many of the songs already! I think our kids learn faster than us sometimes. Haha..

jotoh said...

Both of them are soooo adorable!!!

Nic's in deep worship and Nathan is really giving his best!

I saw one of the members' kids singing the new songs confidently during cg P&W. The mum told me her girl learnt it from CCH.

Children's Church... Great job too!!!

~Sal~ said...

Yeah! Good on them! Always a joy to watch kids praise God. Our kiddos love Psalty too. And the CD was Alan's from Aussie Days! :D

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...


Lizhen said...


Would you like to share your babies/toddlers photos at the website is a consolidation of babies blogs/photos! hope to see your submission! :)

Anonymous said...

LOl! I grew up listening to Kid's Praise, and I also watched their specials. Their songs are really simple and are easy to memorize but still very powerful. Both Nicole and Nathan are adorable! :)

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