Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Singapore Sale

I have to admit it…I think I am a shopaholic!

When I saw the advertisement in the newspaper…I quickly called my wife!

It says limit 2 per customer! I told myself that I must get everyone down to the shop so that I can BUY MORE!

What was it?

No…it’s not Louis Vuitoon…

louis vuitton

It’s not Prada….


But it’s milk powder!

friso milk powder

I could not resist it.

NTUC was having a promotion on Friso 4 milk powder.

This milk powder for kids, 3 years and above, would normally cost $60 dollars.

Now… they are letting it go at $29.95. 1 can of 400g milk at $5!

That is a whopping 50% discount


How many cans should I buy?


Hee…hee…What a wonderful mountain of milk cans! (You can read about previous promotions here!)

For the uneducated – U may think that he would probably take a year to finish so much milk!

Well, I think 4 year old Nicole can probably finish all the milk in 3 months!

That’s how expensive it is to have children….and especially children who love to drink milk!

If your wife is still breast feeding – Start Praising the Lord!

Btw, you can still buy the milk powder at NTUC Fairprice. It is while stocks last!


cendrine said...

wah daddy ed, u are really a kiasu daddy lei..*cough*.

Why gain IQ doesn't have promo? :(

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Gain IQ is a great brand but it is the rolls royce of milk powder.

Louis Vuitton also got no sale...

Maybe thats why...:)

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