Thursday, October 15, 2009

Avent Sterilizer and Milk Bottles

Frankly life as a new parent for me did not start that long ago.

Recently, my good friend just had the privilege of being a new father and I had to buy him a sterilizer.

avent sterilizer

Why an Avent Sterilizer?

Hmm…I think people are very affected by their peers. When we were 1st introduced to the world of Parenting, all our friends were using Avent Products.

I think they have quite an established base in Singapore, and all the parents I “know” use their products.

With its successful branding and wide neck bottles, these Avent bottles are easy to clean and are also supposed to help reduce colic in newborns.

Ok..Don’t worry, this is not an advertorial (How I wish that they will pay me to do this…I don’t mind some Free Avent Products :P)

To cut the long story short… As Avent Milk bottles were the way to go, we naturally used an Avent Sterilizer! (much thanks to Ed Tan!)

Well, Avent seems to have a lot of sterilizers on the market, and they seem to have put in a bit of their Philips technology into their sterilizers.

Parenting Advice

Go for the simplest sterilizers. There’s no need for sophisticated technology for this. Don’t forget to our parents, the Sterilizer is a fancy gadget! They just put bottles in boiled water!

Now you can find some models with digital screens, electronic countdown and sound alerts. Forget about those! Get the simple ones with a lever that u just depress. I have been using that since 2005, and they work fine. Really!


San said...

I agree!

I had 'no choice' but to a more 'sophisticated' model of the Avent bottle warmer ... but it was so hard to use but the heating up still need major moderation on our part that just the simple stick-bottle-in-warm-water was wat we went for in the end! Hahah!

Hann Hann said...

My Mummy used to love Avent until...
she found out that their bottles has BPA and felt very betrayed by Avent.

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