Thursday, October 29, 2009

Commercial Advertising – It’s Krrunch Time

Recently, I stumbled upon some commercials produced locally.

Nuffnang together with Pringles Potato Chips had a Contest to assist Pringles in advertising their potato chips. Btw, Nicole has her views on her favourite food as well…u can check out her video here!


I took a look at one of the entries for the contest, and I was impressed by their creativity!

Bearing in mind that we are nowhere near Hollywood standards, but considering the fact that the producers of this commercial look like students – I think they guys did a very good job.

The results are not out yet, but I think this commercial gets my vote!


1 Comment:

Stephen said...

The results were out at the Nuffnang Awards. And Jayden Tan is the winner (:

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