Saturday, October 3, 2009

Parenting: Science at home!

Singapore is such a urban society, that we hardly get to see much of mother nature around us.

As we need to expose our kids to as many things as possible, it may be difficult to find nature in the surroundings around us. Parents therefore have to have that extra dose of resourcefulness when it comes to Science at home!

For children’s day this year, each child was given a Pet Caterpillar, so that they can discover natural science at home.

It seems that Entrepreneurs have found a “gold mine” by supplying Nicole’s preschool with caterpillars!

I am sure that a lot of other parents have brought these natural science kits directly from them as well :)

caterpiller box

The novelty of the whole pet, is that it comes in a nice tupperware container, and it has feeding instruction for the parents as well.

A whole bushel of leaves is also given, so that parents will have enough food to feed the caterpillar.


Currently, the caterpillar has went into it’s cocoon, and we are awaiting to see it’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly!

Actually Daddy and Mummy are also quite exciting about seeing the whole process – as we have only read about it in textbooks and seen pictures of the development.

Who says that can’t learn anything when u parent your children?!?


OM said...

My son's experience with caterpillars is watching one slowly crawling on the sidewalk, then stepping on it. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to learn from that...

Ed or Edmund Tay said...


Maybe the lesson is that we may get stepped on in life! :)


Gene said...

Hey, thanks for sharing! my niece has been bugging me to catch caterpillars for her for ages but i'm too afraid of them creepy crawlies. didnt knw there r actually people who sell them. just googled on the kits n found out whr the sch got them, tks again. :D

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