Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best Chicken Satay: Food Review

If you are looking for good satay, u have got to try out Chuan Kee Satay at Old Airport Road.

best satay

The Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is a favourite food haunt for the family, and the kids go there very often. (Check out the children’s views on Old Airport Road here)

Located in the second row of stalls from the front, this satay has got to be the best that I have ever tasted!

Actually, there are quite a few satay stalls at Old Airport Road, but as I was walking past this stall. I noticed the Makan Sutra Ratings on the stall window!


Yes…This is one of the signs that I look out for, when I go to the hawker centre or to restaurants.

Knowing that this stall must produce food of a certain quality, I decided to order a few sticks!

My Verdict….

The Satay is delicious! It comes very well marinated and it is good enough to eat on its own. The sauce that comes with a pineapple mix, adds to the satay, and this stall is a “die-die must try!” Forget about Satay Club or East Coast Hawker Centre, the satay here is the real deal!

When u reach the hawker centre, head for the stall first. The stall is always crowded, and it takes about half an hour during peak hour.

However, the auntie has a great memory. I went back the next day to order some satay for my family…She remembered me, and even told me my table number from the day before! I thought that was amazing memory!


Anonymous said...

I love this stall's satay too! :) One of the better ones around old airport road! Worth the wait!

ade said...

I think old airport road this stall is better,the one facing the main road,Fu Dao Satay,Stall #01-97very nice satay, both the traditional and black pepper satay,,,not like those satay I used to eat.I just patronised this stall and it was an eye opening experience for me! The black pepper satay is simply awesome and unique,,must try!!!!!!!

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