Thursday, October 1, 2009

Infant & Children Vomiting

This week, the whole family is down with Stomach Flu. As Singapore is a relatively “clean” city in Asia, one would think that stomach viruses would be quite rare.

However, the children got the virus, and they were vomiting out their milk. Whatever we fed them, was coming out like a fountain!

Unfortunately, I got the virus as well, and I spent the whole of my Monday in bed and in the toilet.

I consulted my pharmacists friend and she recommended me some drinks to help me during this period.

1. Isotonic Drinks


Isotonic Drinks are a must during this period, as one needs to replace body fluids lost. I felt like drinking the whole barrel of Gatorade, as I did not feel like eating at all.

Parenting Advice for the Kids

2. Isomil Advance Formula Milk


This Soy Based Milk Formula is the normal solution, when children are faced with vomiting and upset stomachs.

However, the Soy Based Formula has a different taste and smell, and Nathan (2 years 8 mths) did not like the formula at all. In fact, he refused to eat anything and this got mummy really worried.

3. Yakult Act Light

yakult light ace

This is our secret weapon and the stuff that Nathan just loved!

Yakult Ace Light is an innovative cultured milk drink product that comes with a high concentration of 30 billion live probiotic bacteria in each bottle. This is much more than the normal Yakult and it also contains  50 percent less sugar compared to the original Yakult Ace.

It is this probiotic bacteria that fights the stomach flu virus!

The many health benefits of Yakult Ace Light and Yakult Ace include:

1. Encourages growth of good bacteria and suppresses growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines

2. Reduces the production of toxins in our body

3. Helps to prevent constipation and diarrhoea

4. Helps enhance bodily immunity, which combats infectious diseases and controls the occurrence of cancer cells

I had a few bottles of Yakult myself, and i felt much better.

At Press time, Mummy seems to have been infected with the virus as well, so we are praying that she will recover fast!

But, if u got the virus as well, Go for the Yakult Light Ace!


Jayme Shing said...

Oh no!!! Will be keeping your whole family in prayers!!! Speedy recovery!!

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

we love Yakult too but do be careful with it cos Yakult causes phlegm.
If you wanta give good bacteria, there's a tablet form of lactobacillus so it's like a sweet to the children.

isotonic drinks are important to replace lost of electrolytes. Besides Gatorade, there's 100 Plus and H2O. H2O is preferred over 100Plus cos it's not gas-sy. not sure abt Gatorade and gas.

Ed or Edmund Tay said...


Tks for the helpful tip!

Actually we drank a lot of 100plus. Gatorade is more expensive and not that accessible! :0

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