Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free Singapore F1 Grand Prix Tickets

This year, My wife and I had the opportunity to get free tickets for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.


The Singapore F1 Grand Prix started in 2008, and it was one of the first night races in the whole campaign.

Working within the Marina Area, we were excited about watching the event, as we drove past the venue everyday.

DSC_0144 Our Tickets were at Grandstand Turn 1 and we were located at the 1st turn immediately after the flag off.

This is supposed to be an exciting turn as, this is where all the F1 Rally cars will jostle for pole position after the flag off.

I am not much of a F1 fan, but I was there and ready to soak up the atmosphere.

This is definitely not a place to bring your kids, as even with my ear plugs, I could not talk to my wife. The engines sounds were louder than the sounds in a disco.

To salvage the situation, I spent most of my time texting her or taking photos.

What was the most exciting part of the race?

Call us sadistic, but we were all very excited when there was a F1 rally car that crashed near us. In fact, all of us were up on our seats!



At the end of the day, Lewis Hamilton won the race.

lewis hamilton

Although it was a bit of an anti-social event, as we just sat there without much conversation….the trip to the F1 Grand Prix is definitely an enriching experience.

The shops at the F1 Grand Prix village was also crowded, with tons of people grabbing souvenirs. Looks like the Singapore Tourism Board is scoring in this area.


Mark-ups on items were also ridiculously high, but the people seemed willing to spend….so much for the recession!

Parenting Tips:

Don’t Bring your Kids to the F1 Grandprix, unless you have some major ear plugs. They will also probably be really bored, as the kids won’t be able to interact with the cars or their parents.

The F1 Grand Prix is also not a good event to propose to your girlfriend. She probably won’t be able to hear you, and the engine sounds will really “stuff” up the video recording.

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Eileen said...

HAHA. "The F1 Grand Prix is also not a good event to propose to your girlfriend." This is funny. (:

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