Saturday, September 26, 2009

An exciting weekend in Singapore…

Wohoo…I am excited about this weekend!

Guess What…where do u think this is…

singapore f1 ariel view

Yes…I am going to the Singapore F1. Hooray!

singapore f1

My mum managed to get Free complimentary tickets to the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. Each ticket is worth 1k!!!  and we are sitting at the Grandstand at Turn 1.

It’s my first time and I am excited about seeing the cars zoom down the track.

The Singapore Grand Prix is also one of the 2 night races featured in the championship, and the good thing is that I will not be burnt by the hot Singapore sun.

Check out the “Cool” pass in the photo below!

singaporef1 pass

This Sunday night promises to be one that is going to be very exciting.

Before I go, here is a parenting moment:

Check out Nadine’s expression, as she zooms by in her F1 car – it’s priceless!!!

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Eileen said...

HAHA. That's cool! ((:

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