Sunday, September 13, 2009

I can’t get a seat!

Parenting and handing newborn babies is always  going to be a difficult and enriching experience.

I have therefore been keeping a lookout for new perspectives on parenting and researching on experiences of potential parents. (Btw, Thanks so much for your continual votes as a Best Parenting Blog, and your support as one of the Best Daddy Bloggers!)

Just the other day, I stumbled onto this advertisement and it is so funny!!!

Considering the amount of problems, Singapore seems to have with rude and ungracious commuters…

Maybe we need a pregnant women like this, to make things happen!

Watch and learn ! :)

1 Comment:

alexis said...

i saw smth similar on the way to sch. the woman isnt pregnant but pushin her 'mercedes' into the train. then he ask a guy to give the seat, and the guy just keep quiet and stand up.

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