Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food Review: Portuguese Egg Tarts

I have not done a food review for some time…and the last one was on Gunther’s (French Cuisine). So, I decided to dig up the old cook book and “whip'” up another recommendation.

To be honest, I am not a BIG FAN of Egg tarts, but at a family luncheon on the weekend, I was asked to try some.

egg tarts

To my Surprise – They were DELICIOUS!

I immediately asked my nephew where he brought it from, and he said Galicier Confectionary.

Ok…at this point of time…you must be asking…Where on earth is that?!?

My sentiments exactly.

Well, I found out that it was located near Serangoon Interchange. This may be quite accessible to some of my readers.

Upon getting the address of the confectionary, I decided to see the shop for myself.

Situated at Blk 253 (Serangoon Ave 3)…it is not exactly located in the ‘hub’ of the city! (Btw, they have a branch in Tiong Bahru as well…nearer the market)

galicier 2

It is located at a corner of a block, further from Serangoon Interchange. I wasn’t even sure that I found the right shop when I saw it! It looks just like any other bakery in Clementi or Jurong West.

There were no large billboards that mentioned that they were in the newspapers…or any long queues.

However, I noticed a small write-up by the local newspapers near the cashier.


Well, they are supposed to be quite famous for their donuts as well…but I won’t exactly ‘rave’ about them.

They are just freshly baked…and as a result, they are soft and well sugared.

But a “Must Try” are the Portuguese Tarts.

They are made with fresh eggs, and covered with a crust that has a very “ang moh” tinge to it. In fact, it tastes like flaky pastry from Delifrance.

However, the combination together with the egg custard really makes it a delicious creation!

Another item that you can try on the menu is their “Chicken Pies”.

They are very tasty and Nicole had 2 of them for tea! She was just supposed to eat 1! :) 

Do let me know what you think of their tarts and pies, if you happen to have tried them as well!


Eileen said...

HAHA. i like Egg Tart. (: Used to eat it almost everyday in Secondary Sch.. Btw, below is my new link.

Ann Thomas said...

Ooh I'm a huge Portuguese egg tart addict. Pretty rare to come across them in Sembawang, unless the mall's hosting a foodfare (which thankfully happens quite often)!

Serangoon & Tiong Bahru, shall keep that in mind and give it a taste drive if I happen to be ard the vicinity!

Joseph Kwek said...

Got to go and try it out. :)

bigfootedgurl said...

if i'm not wrong, they are also famous for their Peranakan kueh. tried their oneh oneh before. it was fantastic because the oneh oneh is soft, and the gula melaka inside is plentiful as it burst in your mouth! :)

Ed or Edmund Tay said...


Thanks for the tip!

Will drop the kuehs tbe next time I am there.

helenna said...

Haha ...the chicken pie was good. No chance to taste the egg tarts as all were taken up during the parties. Will try

jotoh said...

Yup! They sell nice pastries! :)

Highly-recommended!!! Their cream cake w strawberry flakes + BLUEBERRY CHEESE TARTS!

The latter are baked on an occasional basis and are being snapped up pretty fast!

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