Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Maid left us today!


It was a difficult day for the Tay Family today.

Our domestic helper from the Philippines “Weng” was going to Canada to further her Career.

She has served us faithfully for the last 4 years, and we are sad to see her leave Singapore for the Philippines.

I was held up at work and I could not make it to Changi Airport to send her off…but Mummy told me that that it was a “teary” affair.

Nathan and Nadine did not really understand the situation, but Nicole held on to Auntie Weng’s legs and said “Please, don’t go!”

Meanwhile, Weng’s replacement from the Philippines has also arrived in Singapore, and we are praying that she is going to be a faithful hardworking maid as well.

Parenting Tip: Do prepare the kids whenever it’s time for a change in domestic helpers. We kept on telling Nicole that Auntie Weng was going to leave Singapore Forever. It really helped prepare her for the change of maids.


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