Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Learning how to be a better Parent: Baby’s Constipation

Everyday, I am learning something new as a parent!

When I was young, I used to see this red bottle of Chinese medicated oil around the house. I detested it, as it had a “strong” smell, and it certainly looked very “old fashioned” and “Chee-na” in my grandma’s room

rui ee oil

However, after becoming a parent, I had to “unlearn” all my old paradigms, and I learnt the value of Ru Yi Oil!

For the uneducated – this “strong smelling” Chinese medicated oil, is applied to the stomach area, and it is touted to remove stomach pains and gases!

My kids have started using it, whenever there is a lot of “wind” in their tummy.

In fact, many parents have tried using this oil, whenever babies have colic or constipation as well.

I used to think that it was an “old wives’ tale” until just recently, my stomach was bloated with too much wind!

Feeling uncomfortable, I applied the medicine liberally…and lo and behold…I felt much better!

I started letting out “gas” after half an hour, and my stomach was much better. A thumbs up to Ru Yi Oil!

Looks like better parenting means rediscovering old things! and don’t under-estimate Chinese Medicated oil! :)

Parenting Advice:

Keep a bottle of Ru Yi Chinese Medicated oil in the house. It really works and the children find it soothing, as it is applied liberally on their tummies.


Klessis said...

That's why it can survive through the years and still is a top-selling baby product now in the market! =D

There should always be a bottle of Ruyi oil somewhere... =)

beaglesg said...

Ya. I bought 5 bottles at a go before the arrival of baby Jared.
I was told that after applying on the baby abdomen, you can rub the balance of the oil onto the sole of their feet. Though I don't really understand the reason behind. But my boy seems to like it :-)

Denesa said...

Yah..my mom used to apply it on me and now I have also kept a bottle at home for my kids. Must be an effective medicinal product to be passed down generation after generation.

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

ED - Beaglesg

Ya...I had the foot treatment as well! Don't really understand the benefits too

ED - Denesa

Ya..the power of Ru Yi oil

Tks for dropping by! U have got a really interesting blog!

San said...

I hated this product too, and when Jay was younger, I'd always arrow nic to apply the ruyiyou for him... cos the smell doesnt go off! :P

Now... I'm also a believer and though the smell lingers after many handwashes, I 'live' with it for Jay's sake. Hahaha!

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