Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun Halloween Costumes

Halloween has been catching on in Singapore, and this year we decided to organize our 1st Halloween Party.

Basically, it was just a fun event for us to play “Dress Up” and have a party!

We also had fun dressing up the kids in a Fun Halloween Costume!


Nathan was dressed in a Thomas the Train character called James! We had a hard time getting him into the costume, as he was very reluctant to put on the fun costume we got from him. Mummy saw it at “Toys R Us”, and she could not resist getting one for him


Nicole was a Angel! We got her the “Wings”, while the magic wand and headgear was from her playthings! She loved the idea of being an angel, and especially when she was allowed to put on makeup. She was in heaven!


Nadine was a little Pumpkin! Once again from “Toys R Us”! She was simply adorable and she was the centre of attention at the party.


And Daddy went as a Pirate!

We had a great time at the party…Will update the details in the next post!


San said...

Looks so fun! Nadine looks... so orangely-reluctant. Hahaha! Poor thing leh... sister is an angel, brother is a train... and she's a ... pumpkin? Hahaha! But yes, she looks so adorable!

Klessis said...

Pirate Ed! Hahahaha!

I'm sure everyone had great fun! =D

And yes, Nadine might chide you when she grows up and you show her this photo! Hahaha!

lesterr` said...

wow the orange lenses totally completed the image! =)

Jerb said...

I like Nadine's costume best!!! She looks pumpkinly adorable!

Denise and Debbie said...

Nadine looked so adorable!!! I saw it at Toy R Us; but no occasion for Debbie to wear it...:p

jotoh said...

There were a few nights I went to sleep, SMILINGLY after thinkg of Nadine & her pumpkin costume. So cute!!!

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