Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ideas for Halloween Party


Last Saturday Night, the Adults in ETzone gathered for our 1st Costume party.


Joy made the backdrop for the party! Don’t you think she did a great job…She only had 3 hours, and she managed to decorate the whole function room with just simple black paper!

It was fun, as all of us really enjoyed dressing up, and playing silly characters. These are a few of the colorful characters on display that night…



Nicole had fun as well…She enjoyed putting on makeup!

In fact, thanks to may, all of us had a free makeover to look the part like the character that we were playing.


Besides the normal party food, we had games to help break the ice as well!

We started with “People Bingo”

IMG_8525 IMG_8500

IMG_8509 Everyone just really let their hair down, and it was really fun, as we mingled around.

Next up, was team games and we had to make up own “Mummy”.

The guys were really sporting, and they let us doll them up with toilet paper

IMG_8614   IMG_8613



One of the fun things that we did at the party, was that we gave away free photos. Everyone who had their photo taken at the party, could take a “Kodak moment” back with them! These are some of the photos that we pasted on the door. IMG_8706

We also voted for the best dressed costume…


Find out the winners in the next post…



hann's mummy said...

was surprised that your church celebrates halloween. but then again, not so surprised since yours is a "hip church".
but was somehow expect a different kinda party.

not sure if u know but halloween origin is actually "a feast for the dead" where people communicate with the dead for divination and fortune-telling (considered evil in the eyes of the Lord. 2Chro 33)
as a christian, I'm not sure if I want anything to do with those though some say u can be creative about it.
(last para http://www.allaboutgod.com/halloween-origins.htm)

see a objective non-christian write-up on halloween origins

and a more christiany view

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Hi Hann's mummy

Thanks for your feedback :)

Currently having exams, will respond to u soon...

God Bless

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