Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mead Johnson at the Science Centre

The kind folks at Singapore Science Centre and Mead Johnson Nutrition recently gave the Tay family, an experience of a lifetime!


The kids were all excited, and Nadine was more than ready to get her photo taken to record the moment!

In fact, Daddy has heard so much about the Omni theatre ever since he was young, and he was overjoyed that he could finally savour the OMNI experience for himself.


As we entered the Omni Theatre, we realized that Mead Johnson’s collaboration with the Science Centre underscores their commitment to provide scientific-based solutions to help in supporting the brain development and body resistance of the child while Science Centre provides the environment to nurture their learning.

Mead Johnson’s tie-up with the Science Centre will definitely give children an excellent environment, as the many fun activities will help nurture their learning processes.

One of the many facilities that the Science Centre offers is the Omni Theatre.

The Omni Theatre is actually quite big, and has a seating capacity of 276 seats.


The hall was also filled with children, as Mead Johnson also invited guests from Grace home for the event. This was definitely a nice gesture by the company.


With each seat reclined to get a panoramic view of the large 5 storey screen, the kids were all excited and climbing over each other.

The short movie entitled “Under the Sea” was a real eye-opener, as the screen managed to help us see the sea creatures up close and personal.

We were captivated, as the screen gives you an impression, that you really are in the ocean swimming with the sea creatures. The kids were so intrigued by the effects of the theatre, that Nicole was exclaiming, “The fish are swimming under my feet!”

At the end of the movie, the feeling from the kids were mutual! They loved the experience!


Before we left, Mead Johnson completed the events by giving us a complimentary can of Enfagrow A+, which has more than 4X DHA and coupled with the new Triple Protection Guard.

clip_image007The 4X DHA is super important as it helps the children’s brain cells to establish and strengthen the children’s ability to learn!

Daddy and Mummy were really elated with the milk

as we knew that Enfagrow is a quality product that we can definitely depend on!

Overall, it was a great experience and many thanks to the Science Centre and Mead Johnson for inviting us for the event!

Also, Check out this great deal:

Mead Johnson will be giving a FREE Science Centre Ticket (Child) with every purchase of Enfagrow A+, Enfakid A+ and EnfaSchool A+ (Promotion start from 5 - 30 November and it’s Only available at all NTUC Fairprice outlets).


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