Monday, February 16, 2009

Nathan the Page Boy

Nicole has had 4 opportunities to be a flower girl, and she has enjoyed every occasion!

Nathan is going to have an opportunity to be a "Page Boy" soon, and we are eagerly anticipating this milestone in his life.

Just recently, we went down to "Tangs" in Orchard Road, and we got him to try out some of the suits.

Auntie Weng was so proud of him, that after she dressed him up in his little suit, she made him parade around the mall for us.


He was so adorable that I took out my camera and started cam-whoring as well!


Daddy's heart is gushing with pride, so I did not use Photoscape on any of the photos...


We liked the suit so much, that we bought it immediately in preparation for the wedding in March.

If you are looking for "Page Boys" and "Flower Girls", the kids are available :)

Btw, It is official - Ps. Kong Hee is on Twitter. If you want to catch up with live updates on his life, Sign up for twitter today!


What's more - He personally replies tweets sent to him. Ask Delphine, She got a personal reply from Ps on facebook! 

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Klessis said...

aiyo he looks so charming!!!!! =D

Miss Me said...

So cute!!!

Jerb said...

Nathan is such a handsome boy! He's got such a heart-breaking smile! HAHA!

Jin Lian said...

Nathan looks so smart in his suit! so handsome lor!

Min said...

Sooo handsome!!!! :)

Jayme Shing said...

Nathan really looks sooo handsome!!! He is going to grow up charming alot of girls!! haha!

Popo said...

Aiyo...........he is so adorable and handsome. Can send in as child model. Really proud of him.

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