Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eye Doctor – Part 2

Sorry for the delay, but it is now time to update everyone about Nicole’s visit to the eye specialist.

It is official – Nicole has got to keep on wearing her eye patch!

According to the doctor, the faster we start her on it – the faster are the results!

The doctor says that the best time for treatment is the first 3 to 4 years of life.

Nicole needs to wear the patch for 2 hours a day! She will need to go back for a check-up 3 months later.

How long will she need to wear the patch?

There is no exact science. But after the age of 9 or 10 years, the eye usually retains the vision it has developed and no longer needs this kind of stimulation.

Therefore, it boils down to Nicole’s eye development. As long as the squint diminishes, she can get rid of the patch.

If not, she will need to wear it till she is about 10 years old!

Oh well, the good thing is that the doc says that she has great eye sight and she does not need glasses!


beaglesg said...

What prompt you to bring her to see a specialist?

Her eyes look just so normal to me...

Hope she's getting use to the eye patch.

ED said...

ED - beaglsg

Teacher told us that she had a problem.

we brought her to KK before, but the service was slow and for $40 more dollars, u get better service and a peace of mind. :)

~AlanSally~ said...

Hey Ed, you know about Megan's eye condition and how God healed her? She was diagnosed with inborne astig and lazy eyes in both eyes. Had to wear glasses for 18months. But now, God's healed her and no need for glasses anymore! This is the very abridged version! haha... God is good, He can do it for Nicole too! :)

ED said...

ED- Alan & Sally

Wow!!!..Did not know about Megan's condition. what a great testimony! Yes...Will believe for healing for Nicole too!

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